What We Do

We promote entrepreneurship and hospitality.

The Association advocates for pro-bar & restaurant regulation and operational freedom. And we empower all bar & restaurant owners to achieve even more success than they thought possible.

PERAK offers our members a wide range of high-value benefits. From Nairobi to Mombasa, our activities drive our industry forward.

Our Services

Anyone who cares about their restaurant business HAS to care about politics. Politics affects issues like the wages you pay your employees, the amount you pay for insurance, your tax rates and whether you can sell liquor in your county. We build and sustain positive public opinion and a favorable political environment.

Public policy decisions directly affect a bar and restaurant's industry performance. Our long-standing industry relationships and Nairobi headquarters location enable us to stay on the forefront of policy issues affecting the bar and restaurant industry so you don’t have to worry, and can focus on running your business. PERAK Kenya tracks thousands of regulatory and legislative developments at the county and national levels.

We offer the industry required training and certification programs your employees need to do their jobs safely. Protect your business, and your customers.

The experience and knowledge of our members is a key ingredient of PERAK’s value. We offer top-shelf programs that encourage peer-to-peer learning, share exclusive best-practice content and help develop the next generation of industry leaders.
Whatever the economic climate, all bars and restaurants need to find ways to reduce costs and attract customers. We offer affordable and easy access to best practices, products, specialized expertise and educational resources for our members. Our tools help you grow revenues, increase profitability, and develop employees. Bottom line: You can make more money.
Our leading-edge industry research and reports equip our members with the critical information they need to make important decisions about their businesses. Our team brings complex information together and makes it understandable so you can stay ahead of emerging trends. Take advantage of this invaluable intelligence.

Bars and Restaurants are among the most highly regulated businesses, subject to myriad local, county and national laws and rules. Additionally, just doing business is complicated with lease negotiations, contracts, etc. PERAK offers complimentary bar and restaurant legal support to our members.

Before you call an attorney with your questions and incur those expensive hourly billing rates, contact PERAK’s. With more than 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge to answer your questions.

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