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CMOs sign joint licensing deal with hotels and pubs associations

All three collection management organisations (CMOs) charged with the royalty gathering in Kenya have signed a ground breaking deal with the Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers & Caterers (KAHC) and The Pubs, Entertainment & Restaurants Association of Kenya (PERAK)..

The CMOs - Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) representing producers, Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) representing performers and Music Publishers Association of Kenya (MPAKE) representing authors, composers, arrangers and publishers signed the deal that will make it easier to collect payments for royalties from the entertainment joints.

The deal follows several months of negotiations that were spearheaded by the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) which is the regulator for CMOs and custodian of the Copyright Act in Kenya. It brings to life the dream of joint licensing where music users - bars and hotels - would be issued a single invoice by the three CMOs.

The CMOs agreed with KAHC and PERAK that there will be a pilot for the first six months and that the licensing will be based on a percentage of Single Business Permit and Liqour License where applicable.

This will reduce the cases of harassment of business owners by unscrupulous agents who show up at inopportune times and demand payment for royalties.

It also allows for the business owner to pay once for all the royalties and only deal with one license for the service.

In a press statement, the CMO heads confirmed that an implementation committee will be formed with representatives from all parties to ensure smooth transition and effective collection and distribution of royalties for musicians.