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Core Values

  • To be non Political organization
  • To operate within the legal framework of Kenya
  • To foster an ethical environment for the Pubs, Entertainment & Restaurants’ Industries.
  • To seek solutions to challenges affecting the hospitality and entertainment sector
  • To create a forum for interaction between government and private organizations

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About Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful melting pot of flora and fauna, with charming people and great destinations, with the Equator cutting through the country, the Great Mara Reserve and its breathtaking Wildbeeste migration, beautifull sandy beaches at the coast, majestic Mt Kenya, ellegant plains and the great rift-valley is all a site to behold.
PERAK’s main objective is to bring together operators with a view of resolving common problems in the industry, developing a code of conduct for its members and help members to comply with various regulations governing the hospitality industry.
Vital Important Numbers.
Police Headquarters: 240000
CID Headquarters: 2713311
Automobile Association Emergency 0720227267 / 0734611049
E-plus Emergency Ambulance : 0700395395
RedCross 1199/ 0728 602 502/ 020 3950395
Road Safety Response Volunteers 0722 739 317
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