Welcome to PERAK

A Brief

The Association is the principal voice for entertainment players to the government and other agencies on matters of regulations, licensing, and policy. Liaison with the relevant government organs, including the Ministries of Tourism and Information, Trade and Industry, Finance, and Labour and Manpower Development is key to our profile and performance.

PERAK’s main objective is to bring together operators with a view of resolving common problems in the industry, developing a code of conduct for its members and help members to comply with various regulations governing the hospitality industry.

How to get started

Please fill out our facility inquiry form so we may better understand your needs and be prepared when we contact you about your establishment. For questions and to schedule a meeting contact Eunice at ceo@perakkenya.co.ke or call +254 714 563 912.

Membership includes

  • Premises with Liquor License up to 3.00 a.m
  • Premises with Liquor License up to 11 p.m
  • Premises with Hotel Liquor
  • Restaurants with Single Business Permit without Liquor License
  • Public Entertainment Venues (Cinemas/Movies, Theme Parks)
  • Consultants/Artists/Entertainers
  • Multiple Ownership up to 5 Venues
  • Multiple Ownership more than 5 Venues
  • Corporate
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